Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My facial hair

As promise, here's my facial hair picture taken just a moment ago. My nephew, Keith and my sister-in-law, Lea are laughing at the picture... Thats only mean one thing!.. I got to shave it in the morning!! I know my nephew will be the most happiest person to hear this news and relieved. Coz I've been using my facial hair to wake him up in the morning... like brushing my beard on his check or on his back. Surprisingly, my beard will pass thru his shirt and poke his skin! hahaha... Love seeing him squirming and fighting to get away from me... hahaha..

Well, I only need 2 days to let it grow, long enough to make the same effect. What do you think? should I keep it or should I loose it?

My self image cam-whoring in the bathroom.

1 comment:

TZ said...

Bud, the picture is too blur... could not see how's your face looks like with facial hair. Not able to comment whether should loose it or keep... but since you use it for other purposes... maybe it would be good to keep it :-p

Wow! This uncle is so naughty lah... :-p


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