Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Day Before I fly

I had sleepless night these couple of days. I am about to go-out from my comfort zone.. and thats probably the main reason. Well, besides the annoying mosquitos feasting my blood.

Well, Yesterday... Was really really busy and..makes me tired.
Here's summary of my yesterday,

9am-11am: badminton games with Gina, Ross and Tess (yes, I was the only man!)
12pm-2.30pm: Fetch Natasha from School, and had Lunch at KLCC with the Girls! than Shooping a bit, and fetch William from school at 2.30pm.
3pm: went to Ampang Point to shop some more, and repaired my glasses.
5pm-7pm: Went to church setting-up for Alpha.
7.30pm -10.15pm: At Sophie house for Holowen Party! I drank 3-4 glass of red wine, 2 slice of Argentinian beef, which is RM95/kg!!! but nyum nyum!!
[Dear friends that planning to hangout with me last night. Sorry for unable to go for coffee with you guys. Wasn't planing to go to Sophie's Holowen party, supposed to end by 7.30pm and I would have the dinner with the family earlier. Sophie's son got accident and had to rush him to Hospital. So, we stayed untill they got back at 9.30pm!!. Soo sorry]
10.30pm: Dinner with my sister Elizabeth family. We had Roasted Lamb.. Yeah, I am was very full after having dinner 2 times! Thanks sis!
11.30pm-2am: Hanging out with sister, pop corn, 2 glass wine and play cards!!
2.30am... went to bed... but the mosquitos are really loving my blood! hardly can sleep!

Did I mentioned that I haven't pack yet by this time???!!!!
I am such a big PROCASTINATOR!!!!

Well, I just start packing this morning. And found out that the bag zipper's are broken!!! Oh.. that just great!

And I loss my copy of my flight booking... thats why I'm here, getting my flight booking number from my email... and updating my blog! got it.. and back to packing. Don't want to miss anything that I might need for all occation. And search for bag!

Everything seems to be out of place... God, are you trying to tell me something? hehehe...

On other note, Thanks Ps. Todd for your entry in your blog about me... Thank you so much. And Thank you for keeping me in your prayer. I really appreciate it...
Will try to updates with you guys... stay errr coooool... hehehe

musa signing off for now~


Anonymous said...

Hey Musa,
Have a safe flight, I hope all goes well for you in Miri! Tell TZ to hurry up with his photos, I don't have a single good photo of me from the whole Thailand holiday!

Ian from Belfast :)

TZ said...

dude, have a safe trip to Miri... a new chapter has begun in your life :-)

Ian from Belfast: Sorry for the delay, i'm stuck in Penang with all the customers meeting. Will send you the photo once i go back to Kuala Lumpur.

Musa said...

Ian! sorry for didn't reply at the soonest. Hope Mr. TZ had sent you a copy of the pictures by now ;p. Thanks for sharing your pictures .. I totally love it!


TZ, did you?


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