Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Men who bares it all

Men posing topless is normal, not something you call "bares it all" as my title. But it does have something to do with the man in the photo above. Well, his name is Micheal Biserta of the FDNY Fire Fighter. I read about him from my "fashion" expert bryanboy!...which I read once in awhile. Not that I am someone like him... its just for reading pleasure. Life of people are dare to be "different". Well back to this Mr. Fire Fighter... its under the tittle "is Michael Biserta a Grower or a Shower"? post. I wouldn't know the answer of the question.. And Yes I did vote "OOOOhhh Mmmy God!!". This kid huh... sure knows what he have... and not ashamed to "bares it all" for the whole world to see!!..

Now... this probably boosting FDNY calender... and every time they see his picture.. they could probably imagine or flash back the video.. man, this is like seeing Pam's famous video.

On different story, my own story. While I was waiting for the LRT train yesterday, this kid, 6' tall, probably in his early 20s stand right next to me... thats nothing.. (just a bit weird when there are lots other area he could have stand) but, when I get into the train, this kid, a resemblance of Michael Biserta above, Asian version... well, he sat right across me. Where would my eyes wonder if not the front? Anyway, this kid... keeps giving me a glance of sort...and sometimes.. stares at me.. not my eye, just the whole me.. I felt so uncomfortable. to make thing worse, we keeps starring directly, than look away. You know, the eyes quickly looks away to avoid be caught starring at you? .. and the odd thing, he had a smirk and a flirty smile on his face! Oh man... this kid boy, so young.. looks innocent. Yet, so naughty... you want me to spank you boy?!.. Well, I can't spank him in that train, so an idea pop up in my head... why don't play his own game?

Right than... I OPENLY STARRING at him.. with my super sexy bitting lips to add extra effect.. imagine that I am a girl or Marylin Monroe!!!.. Hahhaha... and you know what? its works!!!... he blushed shamelessly!! oh boy! oh boy!.. I had this one huge smile on my face until I reach my stop. God, come to think of it... I am sooo bad! I should have asked his number at least... LOL. ;p Kidding!
Should have ignore the stares in the first place. Anyway... something different experience to make my days more interesting.. ;-)

How was your day?


Anonymous said...

As for me, I will never stare at people though I notice they kinda stare at me, whoever, girls and lads. Just sell yourself high and expensive. Do some high fashion kinda face, read the advert in the train or read Harry Porter or simply in ingorance of the people that stare at you. Even when you look at them, just show some serious face like you hate them staring at you or you care less.

But I know it's one of your naughty day! submit to the hormone huh...personally, this is the gayest entry I have ever read from you! scarylah! But I know you just being yourself.

Musa said...

Yeah.. naughty day!! don't know why I did it thou... you should have seen his naughty looks too!! ayo.. I would have spank him right there :p

I know.. this is soo gay! hahaha... whtvr man..

savante said...

You didn't get his number? :) Just mime the motion of calling and he'll hand it to ya!

Musa said...

Savante... er, I'll keep that in mind.. :-)

Lol.. I was just kidding about asking his number thing lah..

TZ said...

Savante: you thot Musa will ask for number from the dude... If he did, KL will snow ... LoL :-p

Musa: Good try and i bet you are enjoying yourself thru out the journey... I think you might bump into the kid again... i dare you for asking phone number from him ;-) hehehe.... you are right, the dare game again.

Musa said...

oh TZ... you know I would never fall for that again. If I am faith to meet him again, we'll get married and live happily ever after... hahahha..

now.. better stop or.. we'll get carried away with this silly thing. lol

Bxnjamin said...

by the power of greyskull! That is one creepy incident!!


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