Monday, August 13, 2007

Feast +Jog = Balance?

Cousin Jeniffer is having her 3rd last radiotherapy today, and will be back to my place this coming Saturday. She looks pretty sick when I see her on Saturday. I did pay her surprise visit (without informing them that I'm coming). When her mum called while I was still driving on the 'Lebuhraya Persekutuan', she sound elated when I told her I was on my way to see her!! Isn't that feels nice that someone does feels excited seeing you? She gives me a Hugs when she open their Hotel room. Mind you, us Lun Bawang rarely shows their know, act tough.

You see, I last see them before last Saturday was 2 or 3 weeks ago. It just that my schedule is usually pack for the weekend. So, since we had our practice on that Friday, I have the Saturday for myself!! And I decide to spend it with my sick cousin. Poor Jeniffer, she gotten soo skinny and weak. Its Ok Chow Long.. another 3 more session yeah? Her mom feeds me like we were having a feast that Saturday!! We had Mee Curry Laksa around 11am before we go for groceries shopping. She bought lots of raw fish.. I wonder where they going to keep it as their hotel room don't have any Freezer. She said... the fish are very cheap!

On the way back to the hotel, She bought a bucket of KFC Chicken!!! She told me that her birthday was on the 9th last Wednesday, thats why I didn't stop her. So, back in the PJ De Inn Hotel, She cook all the fish! Oh my... this lady sure love cooking!! (shss.. she cook illegally).. and here I am, being feed like a spoil child! Jen only can take very little food... guess who end up eating the rest? I was soo freaking full!! I have to decline 100 times before they give up pushing more food for me! Man... I eat like 2 pcs of KFC Chicken!!, the whole potato wages, Chicken pop, 1 bungkus Lun Bawang rice and a slice of the fish. Not to mention I just take mee Curry laksa before that!! I know I would surely gets headache if I didn't say stop! Like this... how to loose weight? hahaha

Feeling super guilty, when I reach home, I determine to go for a jog! Yep.. with full tummy! crazy huh? Yes, I safely make 1 round of the Taman TAR/KDE area.. there were lots of other joggers and monkey spectators! and of course lots and lots of monkey! Yeah... scary and cute!.. Anyway, I was sweating like pig after finish the 1 round jog. I was like...Run.. walk... run... hahaha.. I can't keep on jogging.. its more like a run and walk kinda thing. By the way, I saw Hans Isaac or someone looks like Hans Isaac jogging there too. You know the good looking Malaysian actor one..

And by the time I reach home, I told my niece... "aren't you going for jog?", she was like "what the hell?".. and I told her I bump into Hans Isaac! just maybe, she'll start to go jogging too. ;p

I just read a blog entry of friend from church, Greg Boncimino, who is really into this running thing got rob last Saturday, when he went for his regular run at Taman Titiwangsa. Poor Greg... he must be devastated... Its pretty dangerous if you leave your things laying around... and those who see this as their opportunity would smash your car window and grab it. This happen as well to our friend Heather. We try our best to not give any room for this "opportunity of crime" ... still, we never know.. right? Man... this sure gives you a reason to be super mad .. and it is absolutely understanding for Greg to be mad.. feel bitter towards this country. I don't blame him.. he's a nice chap, and sh*t happens to nice people.


TZ said...

Finally, my buddy got guilty of his food intake and went for jogging... :-> Good for you Musa. Keep up the pace (jogging not the food intake eh!) ... :-p

Anonymous said...

Wah, makan free lagi kitok tok oh....memang bertuah sangatlah bdan jadi Musa..hehe

harap cousin kitak ya sembuh cepat oh..kesian juak kamik dengar tentangnya...kamek tok juak teruk gila sik pergi jenguknya! at least to say hi koh..

wah, kitak tok nak memang ada hatilah ngan keluarga greg tok...sapa kitak suka sia oh? Harap bukan greg sendiri..haha...anak daranya ya agik biak ma..hehe..takkanlah maknya!

Musa said...

sik apa, sidak nya mau polah makan2 kat umah kamek sunday tok. boleh gak ko dtg jenguk sambil makan free bah!

yea yea...whatever lah.. ko tok ada2 jak!..:p

Anonymous said...

yakah...sunday tok...rasanya freelah hehe....senang hati kamek dengar boleh makan free...ada luba tenga kah..and sinamu baka..haha

Musa said...

hey... org bagi betis, dia mintak peha plak.. demand some more.. apa2 tu trima jer lar.. as long as it Free


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