Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Turn the Volume down!

I try not be bother with anyone's opinion of how I did. But somehow its keeps ringing in my head like a buzzing mosquito that you can't just ignore. On that easter Sunday, I was asked to sing as a backup singer along with the others. As I am very much enjoy singing, especially sing along the songs that being played on and stuff like that. I wouldn't do it on solo vocalist on public.

The comments are;

"I only heard your voice"-I'm a backup not the lead singer! How can my voice exceed the lead singer??!!

"You have a great voice, I can hear you" -I should have take this as a complement, but ... isnt that mean, I'm tooo loud?

I made a couple of "wrong pitching" when I sang in tenor... I bet everyone can hear that.
Imagine that, you're deep in praise& worship and suddenly you hear someone sang in off pitching like the Happy feet penguin. I bet your peace was suddenly shattered at that moment! seriously.. its totally spoiled the mood and the moment!... and who to blame? A happy feet penguin call Musa! Musa... Practice! Practice! Practice! ... hehehe... Love practice... no audience... and didn't I mention I love singing?

I am currently listening Casting Crown song "Who am I! at Diane's blog. The male voice is beautiful.. and the female voice that sang in harmony is equally beautiful! Love it! Love it! Love it!.. I wish I could sing like that... at least, for myself. *wink* I ain't going to sing for anybody..


Anonymous said...

hi musa,

sapa plak bagi komen dengan enko tu. overall, i think you did good man! no comment on pitching. we are still in the learning process. so come often for practice k.

Musa said...

thanks bud... I will.. I sure love practicing. As long as I don't have to be on stage every Sunday!

Anonymous said... haven't answered me lah..ide mala arod ko me ruen deh ninger....ui inan 2 burur neh komen komen di dueh lah..hehe..

Diane said...

Oh hey! I am glad you loved the song. Mark Hall (The lead vocalist of Casting Crowns) certainly has a great voice and he's using it to worship God. Such a blessing!

If you like good vocals, you might just like Jeremy Camp also.

And don get too worked up with backup singing, no one can do wonders when they first start out. I made blunders when I first started playing the guitar for Sunday service, too. Practice la. :)


Musa said...

Thanks Diane!


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