Friday, March 23, 2007

Fashion Show picture [again]

Here are another pictures of the Fashion show by Jendela batik and Wardrobe that I went to (do I have to emphasis on that? ;p).. It come out in the Star paper yesterday, Lifestyle section (StarTwo) by Mr. Rubin... I remember that I post about this guy before.. oh yeah.. its the guys in the zebra clothes. Well, on that fashion show, he was wearing this ALL RED with pointy hairy shoes! Anyway, I have no sense of fashion or style at all.. so, you can't really trust my fashion judgment.. and those that I said wearing hideous/funny clothes would actually the pretty one.

This was the front page of yesterday StarTwo. Rubin must have choose this one, because he said that to the Jendela Batik's designer that he loves this one once the shows end.. Not a surprise to me!

By the way, It does look good on this guy. This model is the most famine looks among the models. Yeah, a pretty boy.. I wonder how they make their eyes looking sexy and sparkling.. It sure makes any girl's heart melt!

If you missed the yesterday paper Here's the link of the articles. [Making Head Turn by Rubin Khoo]

I recommend you to see the paper itself, the pictures are a lot bigger and a couple of pictures are not available online...

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Anonymous said...

style ke those attire? to me.bagi free pun tak mau pakai lah...kuno nye..eeergh...not my tastelah...


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