Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Moving House 2

Foollowing pictures are the new house that my sister moves in

The Guest Room... is a storage room for now.. the wallpaper kinda makes the room kinda dirty and ugly
The Dining table...

The kitchen..my nephew and niece having chicken rice take away for diner.. we haven't installed the cooking stove yet..

Electrition guy- Mr. Daniel.. &

Alex.. we have 14 fan in the house! isn't that soo much? aircon in each room... cost my sister rm6,000 ++ for that!

The Moving Company people.. hehehe.. didn't know their name.. very hardworking and nice people.. total of 6 of them.. 3 are from India.. rm2,500 for the 2 days not including the foods and drinks that I bought!..Pizza ,KFC chicken and beer for the 1st day. Chicken rise, manggo salad and another beer for 2nd day.
tired.. but happy people!

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