Wednesday, December 06, 2006

BBQ at Chris'

Here's something different, Photos that I took when we had BBQ dinner at Chris's house last mondy. Its was great to be with this newly weds couple..Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Christian for your generousity to feed these hungry singles. Enjoy the pictures!

Lady in Power! yum yum... these two hungry men seems they can't wait any longer.. carefull Ivy, they might eat you tooo!! *slurp*

Man!.. here's another dalantau in treesome! (I'm a bad boy!) hahaha.. Hey.. Olive looks kinda sad, dalantau, you got to choose man.... you can't have too many gal! hehehe just kidding! look at the table! we're such shameless people to finish everything! hahaha..
Here is Dodge! from Philippines... Cool dude! behind him is Mr. Danny.. I was trying really hard to match him up with Miss Malaysian-Next-Top-Model. Hope its work out!!! ;p Danny seems like a nice guy to me.

Miss Philippino-Next-Top-Model, Olive and Miss Malaysian-Next-Top-Model, Michelle possing their best post for the Naughtiest bloggers! (that will be me lah) hehehe.. now now.. guys, Miss Philippino-next-Top-Model is taken ya. Sorry guys.

Remember Vincent? This is another-one of his many funny pose.. what's up doc?

CK , as in Calvin Klein...using his finger as a tooth pick! YUK! hahaha.. nah, He purposely pose like that for me to take his picture.. He give me consent to put his picture in my blog. Cheers CK!

Jun Ho become the Co-Chef for the day. Andrew cant keep away from the BBQ!
Chris and Winnie is flying to South Korea for their honeymoon today. They'll be back on the 15th, which the same day I'm flying to Kota Kinabalu!

During the BBQ, I asked Winnie how's married life's like... hehehe Silly me! its got to be wonderful lah right? Why do I ask such silly question? hehehe.. I'm such a twat!

We asked everyone what type of person they like for a partner.. when it was my turn, it was so easy to say that, I like someone like Winnie! Its the most safest answer that I can think of. Besides, she knows that when she asked me that the first time. So, there's no suprise and there's no need to ask me further. Clever huh?

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