Monday, November 27, 2006

Hillsong United in KL

Fully-pack Hall

Counter selling T-shirt, CDs etc..

Immanuel trying to get some pictures of the Hillsong United staff

Miracles did happens to me. If you read my earlier post on Hillsong United Concert previously, you know why. The ticket for the concert was sold-out and I was really frustrated for not having any...

Supprise! supprise!.. a friend from church who has a ticket but couldn't go had kindly sell the ticket to me! how awsome is that! remember that I said, only by miracle I can get a ticket? Do you think this is some sort of a sign... saying that there is a miracles? well, I believe it is... And thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus for showing me the way, to indulge myself in Praising and worshiping You!!!!Ohh.. I love you sooo very much!!!

Oh Man, what can I say, Its was the greatest time of my life! I was having a blast! and I was really having a good time. I think I could just do that for my entire life. It was awsome! Yes Lord... I had an amazing time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you sooo much!

Click [ here] for a snipet of the concert that I put up on the your tube.


Anonymous said...

i didn't know that you have a photo of me taking malu are so paparazzi okay..olwes take my pictures sembunyi2

Musa said...

hehehe.. I know.
guess what?.. It wasn't allowed to take pictures during the concert! we are sooo black sheep! luckily tidak kena kick out from the hall! lol


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