Friday, October 13, 2006

pregnant simpton

Yes.. believe it or not.. I just had one.
I don're recalled that I've been sleeping with someone which can make me pregnant.. hahaha.. ouch.. I think the lightning just strike.. bad jokes.. bad jokes..

After lunch just now, I feel this terible headache and its makes me feel want to vomit. I pop in 2 tablet of penadol.. and straight away.. I vomit it out.. along with my lunch... Remember how bad you feels when you vomiting? Thats how I feel right now..
the contained in my stomach are emptied but still the feeling is there...
My head... ah... I cant stand it... the only thing that keeps me going is writing here and taking my mind off my trobbing head... and its painful.. gosh..

My coleage asked me whether I want to go home.. I told her I want to see a doctor! how typical of me.. aren't we suppose to look for God first? ok.. God.. can you make my headache stop now? Oh.. My backpain as well? I cant stand the pain God.... er.. Amen... oh.. thank you!

My head... I dont want another panadol.. its makes me trow up again.. and I hate that feeling.. its makes me feel sick! Ok.. if you still reading this, dont read no more.. this is just my way to take my mind of my headache and backpain... hem... ok what should I think about? .... gosh.. I cant think of anything to think of. Geez.. I must sound so stupid like dumb and dumber... hem... this weekend, what I'm looking forward to? hem... nothing! hahahaha...

Oh yeah... I already bought my ticket! going back to Lawas! my hometown!.. I am sooo excited!. and you know what ?(just incase you still reading) My air ticket cost me RM294 only! Return ticket! unbelievable? believe it! hahaha.. yes.. I'm going back on the 15th December, at 9am! I know.. its freaking early.. thats why I got it cheap.. and I'll be home in time for my family celebration. Yipee.. can eat kerbau!... how I long for kerbau sup!... nyum nyum... and Pork! nyum nyum nyum!... and Kolo Meee!!.. urgh... stop thinking about food.. makes me wanna trow up..

wann doze off a few minutes, and pretending to be busy...hem... imagine how hard is that.. being busy.. and still can sleep at the same time... oh bugger!

Oh by the way, I make a new friend yesterday at the gym! her name is Timmy and she is from Japan. And she's cute.. hehehe.. very friendly too...nice name huh? Timmy... hope she can come to church and we will have replacement for hiromi!

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