Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yes, I have newly-found addiction. Well, if you see me, you won't be suprise. My addiction is on writing about foods! not eating them, reading about other people experiences. Hope my addiction didnt turn into physical addiction for real foods! My gym torturing session would be useless once I start to taste it! Hehehe.. I know, the temptation is too great.. er...on other hands..I love foods... so.. tempatation! Bring it on! hehehe

Ash@Izzy writing about foods are really fun to read at. Its not just about how to make food.. its about her personal experience of foods she come across with. She even tried the "King of Fruits" (aks the DURIAN). I praise her for brave enuf to try it. Unlike my brother-in-law who's too chicken out to try them. You go girl! I'm not good at remembering names of foods. Been un-picky of what I eat.. I think, in general, I like all kind off foods (contributing factor for my development of "spare tyre") lol. Ash come across a street vendor that sells fried grubs,suateed scorpians, and boilded beetles in Jakarta, like those I found in Bangkok. I was hoping she tried them and said how suprisingly tasty and crunchy it was.. hehehe. Guess she's not that daring enuf.

To be honest, I'm not good at cooking... but I do remember when I was still in skool, you know.. aint that long time ago.. I prepared lunch for my mom and dad, and their "workers". You see, when its planting or harvesting season, my parent would hire a coupel of people to help them. And they will spend all morning and afternoon in the Padi field planting/harvesting, leaving me to prepare them lunch as I need to go to skool in the afternoon. So, Its kinda fun for me to experimenting on how to cook different type of dishes with what I have in the kitchen. Hehe.. and sometimes, I tend to be creative.. I suprise myself..and receives praises from my mom's "helpers". Well, my mom and dad never comments on the dishes I prepared... unless, if its too salty or tastless.. kewl. What do aspect from a 16 year old chef?

Well, going out for lunch now.. looking forward for more Ash adventures of Cookaholic!


Anonymous said...

bro, check this blog "The Girl Who Ate Everything". She's American student majoring in food. Now she's struttin' her stuff in Paris.

chryl said...

hey musa! so glad to see you at church today! you have definitely found a kindred spirit in ash for all that food appreciation business. let's all go out and try something new! c u soon!


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