Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jia You! Korea!

This is my colleague picture (Mr. Yap YL, the former football player.. yeah right. ;p)... since he told me that he didn't like the one that I posted yesterday, maybe he'll likes this one. He have this trade mark of saying "its alright". The way he say it like... "its ok, its ok". So, since than, I cant stop myself from teasing him... whenever the opportunity arise, either when I speak to him or my other colleagues...Its Ok, Ists Ok... Hahaha.. I know.. I'm so bad. And sometimes.. instead of saying "Yes", I said "Yap" whenever I answer to anyone, and sometimes when he notice that, he will ask me "what?".. and I keep saying Yap, Yap, Yap.. like the cartoon chacarter in the "Land Before time". Hehehe.. so cute right?

Here is another schedule shows where my visitors come from. Its like seeing the Olimpic medal Championship standing (I wish!) hahaha... Usually, majority are from the states, since they have the bigest population of Internet users. And most are directed from my fellow American bloggers link to me, like Ryan and Mikey, Brad, etc.. Thanks buddy!.. Hemm.. I can see someone from Brazil drop by here... Yeah! Brazil!

Last night I hangout at Succasa to watch Korean played. I only manage to watched the second half (went to gym after work). So, as you know, they were behind 1 nil against Togo, but I keep telling myfriends that there's still hope. Yep, they did score 2 goals to win the game. YES! they have the opportunity to score more.. but they didn't take it. a small booo.. for that. an Australian friend keep teasing Hiromi, a Japanese girl about their winning yesterday. hehehe.. and Hiromi is supporting the Brazil.. wha... Ausie meets the brazil this Saturday! and I dont know which team to support.. Brazil is my favourate team.. aah who cares.. I can support both... besides , I can take this old chap.. hehehe

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