Monday, June 12, 2006

Isaac visit

Additional stuff in my suite-My telly!

My tall wardrobe.. Love it very much! ... err forget to take my brand new Samsung Fridge and washing machine's picture...

Licking shot! (my image purposely been cut off)

Isaac in cheerful mood... and SUI-Sitting Under Influence.. hehehe.. he's all red(all over his body!!), alergies to Johnie Walker

Isaac pass out in my living room

My old roomy from Uni stay over at my place for the weekend. I have to wake up at 5am saturday morning!! to pick him up at the LRT Station, just to return home to sleep all morning.. hehehe. Than, we went to KLCC for a movie, and shopping. We watched a good Korean Movie-Almost Love. Its a very good movie.. humorous and heartbreaking.. (another issue about girls and boys could never be best friend without falling for each other)

We went home with a bottle of Johnie Walker for "old time" sake hahaha (that was my first). Unlike my friend, I didnt get drunk.. seriously... If I were, I wouldn't be able to take these pictures right? We were planning to watched the Football match, but I was too sleepy to stay up. A bit annoyed when he keeps waking me up, asking for my niece... and I keep tellin' him.. GO TO SLEEP...

Continue later.. got Management Meeting to attend this morning.

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dalantau said...

isaac is like red zombie..he isn't good for drinking


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