Monday, June 12, 2006

Isaac visit prt 2

An act of generousity suprise me that saturday. While Isaac and myself lining-up taking the bus to KLCC, a young man just come down from the bus gives his bus ticket to me without asking for $$. You see, the bus system here is that, you can use the same ticket for the whole day. So, when I was cought by suprise, wasnt ready and wasnt expecting something like this to happens... I didn't have the chance to say Thank you to that young man. There were quite a number of people lining up to take the bus, and this man choose ME to give the ticket. I can see a suprise looks from other passengers who are lining up as well. I can't stop thinking that, I am sooo ATRACTIVE that this dude did what he did. Hahahaha... I know, I know.. I'm soo "perasan". But seriously, it did cross my mind. In this metropolitan city, its very hard to see someone will do such "good deeds" to a complete stranger without axpecting something in returns. Its good to see there are still goodness in this Big City.

I checked who visited my blog this morning, and what suprise me is that, there's someone, on the other part of the world, Germany and United States to be exact, actually search for my blog! I don't think I know anyone in Germany, and they actually typed my exact address! Whoa... someone knows me from Germany yea? hehehe Isn't that Cool? I know a couple of people in the States, like Ryan, Mike, Brad... a fellow bloggers would visit my blog, but their link would showed here, so.. its nice to know a "misterious" visitor over here.

Ok, I should go back to work.. my colleague is teasing me with this blogging.. I tell you what, I post his picture over here soon... hahaha.. I'm sooo noughty! Cao.. have a good week!


Ryan said...

love the pics was catching up on your blog i was busy over the weekend.

kailiang said...

calm down musa... hehe.
It's me checking your blog.
Went to Germany to see the World Cup Fever atmosphere the other day.

Anyways wow...lucky ya.. that generous guy actually picked you out of all those people lining up.. Really made your day, wouldn't it?

Musa said...

Welcome back Ryan,
Hope you have a "nice" weekend. *wink*.. I know, you were busy with *wink*..thanks for taking the time visiting my blog buddy.

You were in Germany?! you even have the time to check my blog.. wah.. so nice ah you.. still thinking of me when all that so happening there!.. wah.. I'm honoured! terima kasih kelem..*wink*

Yeah, it did made my day.. just feel pretty bad for not saying thank you.. and I cant get it out of my head of what just happens for the rest of the ride...just a simple gesture could give long though.

kailiang said...

haha of course I'll have time to look at your blog.
It's not everyday you find a friend of the same race in blogosphere rite.

anun ke "sama-sama" bang lunbawang ni lem??


Musa said...

Hehehe.. Yeah I know. by the way, Manuel is lunbawang as well, his blog is If you notice, dalantau means our way in lunbawang. and "sama-sama" are commonly used in Lunbawang. Anyway, it also could be translate as "pad-pad".

Cheers Kai.


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