Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pretender in the office

I guess, this will be a bad entry for my future prospect employer. Here I am, using my after lunch hour writing my blog. Not to mention I do my blogs reading in the morning. Thats pretty much what I do in the office when I complete my work. Well, if not completed.. partially completed.. hehehe. What I look forward in the office? the 5 second chat with our dispatch boy who seem to be very friendly. Its goes like;

Me: Hello Hisham.
Hisham: Hi.
Me: Ape Khabar? (How are you?)
Hisham: Baik (good) with a smile on his face. Ini perlu cop (this one need company stamp)
Me: Ok.
I took the stamp and he sign, than,
ME: Terima kasih sham (thank you sham)
Hisham: ...
smile back at me and take one candy from the receptionist counter and walk out.

Basically thats the normal conversation I had with our dispatch boy whenever he comes, which is everyday mostly. Very short and direct to the point right? no who ha here.. who ha there.. hahaha.. you can make a short play out of that!

I don't feel comfortable doing nothing during office hour, although I just finish up everything, I still need to pretend that I was busy working on something. Do you feel the same way? do you feel guilty doing something not related to work at work? besides blogging, whats you do?

Here's what I mostly do at work when I dont have work;

1. put on blog entry...when I have something to write about,
2. read others blogs... this is an addiction!
3. chatting with friends who is online... be extra careful. not advicesable when the BOSS is around. Bad impression.
4. check out dating profile for a date on the weekend.. hehehe... shit! I blowned my cover!
5. Checking e-mails... this is what I do first everyday.. can't let your e-mail box full with junk mail ay?
6. "Browsing" thru the pictures that come with e-mail attachement... well, everybody have their own skeleton in their closet huh.. no further comment.
7. pay bills on line... this online accur once every month.
8. idea.. thats all I guess...

Hem.. I think I wrote long enough, hope I didnt bore yea.. hey let me know what you do k?
Oh, I have to thanks Zeemian for his entry which inspire me to write something today. loves your writing dude...


Mike said...

No computers where i work so its really boring.

Musa said...

Hey Mike...
I can imagine how boring that is.. but, I think it depends on what sort of work you.. if its something you very much enjoy doing, that won't be so bad at all, right Mike?

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