Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feeling warm inside

Since I open an account and created my profile with Yahoo! 360, I get this instant messages from someone who's not in my list. Using this yahoo! 360 is pretty easy and fun. Its very easy to change the colour scheme, outlay whatever you call it. And another thing is, if there's an updated made from your friends list, you will know about it. Isn't that cool? If you happens to have an account with Yahoo!360, do add me... the more the marrier

Well, yesterday, I got this Instant message from a guy in Houston. Initially, he have no idea where Malaysia is, so I explained to him Malaysia whereabout. Hope he really do know where it is since he said he will come for a visit .. hehehe. It was fun talking with him, its like we've known each other for a long time.. like a buddy-buddy friend. (I don't know how to make it sound we're so close at the same tim, without sounding soo gay)

Anyway, Its come to my suprise that he asked me to buy a wedding ring. I asked him, what for? and he said... for our wedding!.. hahaha.. man he's a really sweet guy. I feels kinda warm inside that someone said something like that. Despite us being dudes, its kinda sweet you know.. This is not the Brokeback thingy if you know what I mean. Its something... I don't know how to explain it.. but its definately something.

What about you? what does a ring actually means to you. Besides being part of your hand accessories or Jeweleries, (especially when it is a gift) what does it say about you? What does it means? I know it gives you wonderful feeling.. being like and like somebody.. or you rather say it, being love and love someone? Isn't that makes you kinda warm inside? Nice isn't it? And its brings happy tears in your eyes...


Ryan said...

good post! a wedding ring to me is a bond to make the marriage stronger.

Musa said...

Thanks Ryan.. do you and Mike wear any? ;) have great weekend Ryan..

Brad said...

I saw a comment from you daren on ryan and mikes blog and decided to come pay yours a visit and see what you are up to here. Very nice blog! And I can tell that you are a very nice and sweet person by the things you write and how you write them! I wish you much hapiness friend :)

Brad said...

PS- I have linked your to mine now. Perhaps I can help a few people find you :)

Musa said...

Oh Brad... thats so nice of you.. thanks for the link. I make yours link to mine too..Cheers..

By the way, Whats HNT means?


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