Monday, December 05, 2005

Meeting with fellow bloggers

Last sunday (yesterday), I had a date with Hani.. well.. its not like a date.. "date".. She paid for the food.. man suppose to pay on a date right?.. so this didn't count than. Anyway, I really had a good time.. finaly I meet her in-person after all this time, exchange messages thru Yahoo Messenger and talking thru the phone. It does sound like a love story...

I had aspected she won't recognize me, because the photo here in my profile is like 5 years + ago (I think).. We had our Tom Yam Thai and ... forget-what-it-call(pic-Hanny jsut remind me, it called Tomsam). As always, Its soo good.. I start drooling now.. remember how it taste/smells [to recall; see my entry on:- Craving for Tom Yam Thai].. hemm.. (hey, Am not torturing you dear Mirul-in-Ukrain ;p).. Aside from the food.. we've talk and talk and talk.. I can see us both talking about everything without holding back for days.. hahahaha.. after we finish our Tom Yam, we walk around in Ampang Point for awhile until Hani's friend Che-din (fellow bloggers) arrived.

I never talk or come across Che-din 's blog before, nontheless, He's as fun as Hani .. we makes jokes and share some jokes.. We "gossiping" and makes fun of people around us...gosh.. man... I sounds like in a group of sleepover party girl thingy. That what friends do right? (pic:Che-din and hehehehe..myself ;p)


hani said...

Its nice meeting you too, darlin'

and its SomTam... not Tomsam.. :P

Musa said...

Oh yeah.. SomTam.. hehehe pardon me dear.. I dont know why I cant remember the name.. even the words "thank you" in Thai, I forget already.. The Thai girl didnt even give che-din and myself
credit for trying to say thank you in Thai..

And thanks for the pictures too.. me luvs it..oh by the way, che-din dont mind I show his picture on my blog right? hehehe.. Hey you know what? Before I went home last night, after meeting my cousin, I stop by again to buy the mango rice.. yummy! the makcik gave me extra one manggo for free.. how nice..;p


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