Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday at TV3

TV3 and 8TV's entrance
They told me the the receptionist are dead georgeous! but she wasn't there that time...
These are the participants with their production team for a TV3 reality TV show called, "Aspirasi ku" every sunday at 12 I meet outside the studio. Pretty friendly people... ;p
Took a candid picture of this lady who goes on the show later
On the Set
You know .. that Farah Adeeba, the host for Wanita hari ini? she's very pretty, and young too.

Meet Datuk' Sharifah Aini
Meet Datuk Sharifah, she was waiting with us to be interview. Pretty lady.. and very friendly too... Never dream of meeting her in a real life.. Yes I shake hand with her.... and I was speachless...all the time.. kewl!

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