Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A date with best buddy.. not just 1, but 2 best buddy!!

Its confirm,
I have a date with my 2 best buddy.. Orie and Ajip. Thanks Orie for arrange this.. its always fun to hangout with my buddy. The last time we hangout, we really had a good time. Orie the busy General Manager and Ajip the busy MBA student still could find a time to hangout with me... we like to joke around... sometimes too explicit jokes that I myself can't believe that it come from me..

My trip to Penang is confirm.. I'll be going on thursday morning and will be staying at a hotel called Vistana. although the program end on friday, we manage to set up an appointment with a client which is base in Penang. A foreigner married to a local involves in the Jewelery industry. Although I dont wear any jewelery like those metrosexual guys, I do admire it you know. I'm planning to stay for the weekend in the Royal Selangor Hotel near the beach..so I made my return flight remain Open.. do I need to call the travel agency or do I just go str8 to airport when I decide to go back?

William's birthday is coming... haven't figure what to buy for him yet... he seems to have everything that he needs... well, more than he need I must say... hope I find something in penang for him..

The news on the new elected CEO of MAS Airlines last week really interesting. His race thats really catch my attention. He's a Kelabit. You know, I have few kelabit friends, my brother-in-law is a kelabit... and you know what? kelabit and my language speaks 80% the same words. I can understand them if they dont speak too fast.. and they use the really deep words... Although these kelabits are mostly come from Belaga, where all the other races come from like the kayan, kenyah.. etc... my brother-in-law is from a village called "Long Napir" in Limbang. He's really cool... oh.. we look quite similar too... except that, their old tradition is, they have a long ears. not born with it, It was kind of streach downward due to the heavy earing that they wear.. my brother-in-law's sisters surgically removed their long ears.

Hope this new guy in the MAS Airline will lead our national airplane to a greater future.. wish you all the best my man!!!

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