Monday, September 12, 2005

Action taken

Dear blog readers,
If you notice, I had removed most of my niece and nephew pictures in my previous posting because of what I just watched from my Favourate Tv Series, Ed (stuckyville Bowling owner and a Lawyer). I think, I better take action to protect everyone expecially my niece and nephew from all this uncertainty.

As far as internet concerned, It is an unknown teritory. So anyone can sue any anyone for that matter. Like in the Ed series I watched, this guy who have a website was being sued for invasion of privacy by a lady, just because that he wrote something happened which involves this lady in his website. Although the guy win in the end... when you think of it... its really bother you .. going thru the trouble of saving your own arse... and where can you find your own "Ed"-the guy from stuckyville??? ... just be prepare I guess.

Sorry.. I only manage to type a few lines today.. been busy, submission of our 2 client project is tomorow.. and I got to prepare lots of seminar kit for upcoming event...thank you for your time to read my entry .. do write something back in response... luv to know what you think.



Orie said...

heya sa,
yah, uve been busy lately, dont be, k? miss the old u and all..... its crazy lah with this suing and all, gotta be careful also....

Musa said...

Orie darl,
cant help the fantabeezy thingy... am still the old self... not too worry ay... no one suing me darl... thanks for the advice dear. I really appreciate it.



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