Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Natasha's profile

(Picture have been removed)

Name: Natasha M. (My little Pumpkin)

Age: 3 yrs old on her next birthday

Hobbies: Bullying her brother and her father

Favourite shows: Telly Tubbies, Princess... , Digimon, spoongebob, Bob the builder..etc

Favourite toys: baby dolls, cooking toys, .. and her mother's shoes..

Favourite Food: fried chicken bones, and sayur hailam...

Here's my little pumpkin's profile... tho the picture is a bit outdated, she's my favourite niece... everytime I visit her.. she'll be running to greet me.. man... I'm happy to see her smiling face and her cheering loudy .. screaming... UNCLE BOY... she'll kiss me when I lift her up, sometimes, she'll playfully avoid kissing me when I asked for my kiss..and everytime.. I leave their house, she'll see me to the front gate.. and keeps on saying good bye... until I'm out of her sight. Isn't that sweet?Am going to baby sit her and her brother tonight since her mom and dada is going out for... lady's night?.. well I dont mind.. I'll be reading her her bedtime story.. hem... I hope she wont ask me to read a boring stuff like... guessing what the object in the picture called again...

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