Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The window of day and night

Have you been visiting here lately? I mean... does anyone still come to this page? other than spams spreading adds? Because this blog is kinda abandon... by the owner.. well, thats me.

Its after midnight, and I remembered that someone says it is the window of the day and night... the best time of one to do self thinking.

Just to fast forward you the time from now and my last posting. To lazy to write and will bore you... trust me, you didnt miss a thing.

2010... its hit me... I am over 30, I switched my career and still single. That keeps me thinking, Can I turn back? back to the career I had before.. the miserable me? how long should I wait?... only more question come to mind... Chasing the past, and you fall back right to the future (forgot who said that). Am not good remembering a person, but good at remember what they said that really makes me thinking.

Going back home last Christmas was a super fun for me. I had the chance to meet 2 of my best school mate. They both are married and they both have each 2 sons!! and here I am... in my 30 and not ready to get married. Honestly, it doesn't bug me of being single... just cant stop thinking, what kind of person that I should merry? That I can live with... these sort of thinking would very appropriate for someone who are looking to get married. not Me! but yet, I cant help myself thinking about it. Would I be able to be faithful to this one person for the rest of my life? Man... this is too deep and serious stuff for me.

Do you want to know what I thinking now?... ok, here goes... How to meet them? simple? you think????
I am used to befriend with girls and imprint on them as my sisters. That have been working for me. Look at me, I have 6 sisters... its aint that hard to look at my female friend as just being not more than friend... if you know what I mean. Its soo simple to just turn it off and be soo casual about my female friend were changing dress infront of me, or talking about how nice they booby looks on that shirt... I am thinking, if I have an interior motive to get to know a girl, I sure going to be nervous as hell... How would I meet anyone, simply thinking of it makes me nervous! What happen if its come to this in reality? sure faint...or better yet,dash out the the nearest exit!


TZ said...

hey dude, welcome back... long time din see you writing. Anyway, we have look forward and don look backward... whatever is a past is a past eh~

Bxnjamin said...

Hey, merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I myself have been absent from blogging for months!....nice topic btw...the single-marriage thingy...i am also always thinking..wondering...


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