Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Its Official!

The clock shows 45 minutes past midnight, which only mean one thing.

I am officially 30 years old today.

I've been telling whoever asked about my age and myself that I was 30 years old since last year. And now its official, and there seem to be no fun in telling how old I am now. 30 years old! what does that mean?... no no, I know I have lived 30 years old on this planet earth. Or it just another ordinary day.

My brother asked me this evening, what I want to do... I simply said "I'm too OLD to Celebrate birthday". Like every year, I tend to NOT Celebrate my own birthday. Seem silly excuse to spend more and eat and/or drink more to me. Besides, there's my Dad's Birthday on the 7th and my older sister Susan on the 9th.. why should mine be different?

Decision and Planing. That's all I am doing right now. Weighting my option in spending the October month either in Bintulu or Selangor. I'll be taking class at this selected location.. and decision yet to come up with an answer. In the mean time, planning is drafted to answer some of the how and when questions. One thing for sure... I'll be leaving my Miri Town soon.

Its time..


TZ said...

Dude, happy birthday... May all your dream come true in regardless wet or dry ... blek!

uncle boy said...

thank you TZ!

saran said... too old to celebrate lah...

Bxnjamin said...

Happy belated birthday! May God bless you always!... how does it feel to be 30? my turn will come soon...i hope time slows down before that...haha. cheers

Chef Gulzar said...


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Zubaidatariq said...


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