Thursday, January 03, 2008

YOu got Sexy Mole?

Continuing what I wrote about this cute sexy smile of Sean Faris in the "Mine, Yours and Ours" last Sexy as Neve Campbell sexy eyes..

If you haven't have a clue who am I talking about... here's his face I "borrowed" from the internet.
Anyway, when I was cleaning up my blog, I come across the picture of nuffnang's founder picture... and he got the same moles on his upper lips! (upper right lips!)


Anyway, after looking at his mole... it sort of remind me of the famous Singaporean comedian! Pua Chu Kang!!! ... hehehe.. well, its a fake mole, I mean Pua Chu Kang's, but I can't help it that Timothy's mole remind me of him! why Sean Faris mole didn't remind me of Pua Chu Kang?? instead of Neve Campbell Sexy eyes???!!! you could just stare at those sexy thing for hours!

Anyway, I got a very tiny mole myself on the lower left... hardly visible. Just to make myself included in this "moles makes you looks sexy" hahaha...

By the way, on my search on Mr. Sean Faris is... I saw one steamy video of his.. must be from one of his movie scene.. quite HOT and SPICY! grrrrrr..... look if you can find it yourself... ;p


TZ said...

Hey dude, since you have the video clip... just share out. We don't need to go and find it ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Gatal also lah you finding other people's steamy you got sexy mole? Where ah? :-)

Musa said...

TZ. check on my recent post.

Dalantau, Its the internet... If you got something on.. we can find it on the cyberspace! hey.. I just told you.. my sexy mole is on my lower right of my lips. very small one...


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