Thursday, January 10, 2008

I got hooked with Human Pet on Facebook

If you have a face book account.. you might try this game. Its called Human Pets. I got up in the morning.. the first thing I check on my computer is the Human Pets in the Facebook! and the last thing I do before I went to bed is.. yeah.. I check the human pet! Its addictive!!! When you keeps buying and buying.. its get more fun when other bid on you too! its like going for shopping... hahaha

Here is current long-running-owner of mine.. his name is Anders Wittrups from Denmark! He owned me since my value was 100 points.. and now I am at 1500 points. I try to behave to keep him buying me... Good to have a nice owner like him.. hehehe. Although, I am not high lah compared to those hot chicks and good looking guys out there. But it sure making feels ecstatics and happy! Thank you my "danish treat"
Here's my current owner..
Not to forget others who bid on me.. like dalantau.. etc.. thanks man!

Now I got Immanuel hooked to that games too! He said, he enjoyed playing the game that he didn't do any single work! Man.. I'm such a bad influence!

Did I make you play the Human pet game too? Damn... I'm good!


TZ said...

Human Pet @ facebook... I have installed but don't know how to play... Anyway... i don't have any owner yet :-p

Anonymous said...

that stuff is help me started musa bought me as his pet and i remained his pet for 50 points only..and because he has such loyal owner, now i bit outbid his favourite owner and i own him now!

it is really addictive...but can't help today becoz we are asked to work though it was public macam balas dendam pun ada..hehe...

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, i think ur blog is infected by spywares, can u see the arrow on the left side bottom of ur blog? a small window will pop up every time someone open your blogsite. it's in arabic... bla bla bla. that can be removed from ur html. :D

Musa said...

Thanks Mackerel Tabby.. but, I'm not Computer savvy enough to remove it... need a major help in there..


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