Sunday, December 16, 2007

No more Exam!!!

At last!... I did finish my exams today!!! ..Although I know I did poorly, but its all over now!! thats what matter. I just hope I pass them all.. never mind without the flying color. hahaha.. Just hope the English people that marking my answer could read my 2 hour speed answer writing and agree with them all, even it my sound a bit foolish! hehehe..

All I know is my preparation wasn't that well enough. There are chapters in the text I left untouch, which I have to come up with some my own sense kinda answer! Oh dear.. I know! You must wonder how did I manage to get the my Dean list huh? probably I bribe my Prof.. or slept with them?? hahaha... I am sooo tired and sleepy... I kinda write every little though cross my mind. You see how unintelligent my mind is? Unlike my best buddy Immanuel who have an IQ score of 124! We both dont look like Dumb and Dumber! more like the Dumb and Genius odd friend! lol

Now... its another Week before Christmas! I just remember that when I received a Christmas wishes email from my brother Jeff Taylor! He was at the airport writing the email on the way back to his home.. America. Never miss spending Christmas with his parent and family there... sweet son! Now... er... yeah, Christmas! I haven't decide yet whether to go back to Lawas yet. If I do, I'll be driving with my nephew Julian going thru Brunei border.. which probably takes 4? 5 hours? am not sure... somewhere around that. Not too keen going back thou.. My sis Magret alone will coming home this year... everyone else.. celebrate this year Christmas where they are right now.. except for sis Eliz family, which they'll be flying to UK on Tuesday. I sure miss my little sweet pumpkin Natasha and my favorite nephew William this Christmas.

God... Its hard to believe I been here for more than a month now.. was is nearly two months now?. Life back in KL seem another life time...

Well, am planning to change the look of my blog... kinda look boring to me these day... dont you think?... hem... I think I'll it later.. and bit my bit... I want to just go out... just say.. the kids here are out of my control.. I rather go out than straighten them up... you know me... ;) maybe I go visit Moses... and have pork bbq! hehehe... oh yeah.. they have plenty here.

K.. see you later...

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TZ said...

hey buddy, BBQ port is yummy, all the food that taken during the festive season have to be burnt... so start exercise eh! :->


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