Saturday, November 17, 2007

1st day in Class

Today was my first day in College after like 5 6 years . The feeling of being ridiculously sweaty palm and uncomfortable with others 14 other strangers just creeping inside of you. Ah well, its the crazy me-self again! lol

It started of with the normal introduction of the course and our Lecturer of that day. Majority of the students are more older than me, and have mix background. There were even a number of ex-bankers for many years who just recently quit their job and decided to do this course. I guess, it never too late than.

For me, the lesson today kinda hard to totally absorb everything at once.. new vocabulary fill up my head.. mostly are Law terms that its related on, which is super extensive! I am super illiterate in Law stuff... It will needs extra super duper efforts on my side to makes this work. And its very interesting .. kinda fascinated me too. I gave few nervous laugh when my lecturer going thru the subjects on high speed to catch up with the time. They keep telling us that they will help us to pass the exam, which at end of the class they gave quite load of assignment. Probably thats the only way to pass the exam-by doing lots of assignments!!!

Geez, I didn't aspect them to be that easy, just didn't aspect it will be this hard. Er.. isn't that the same thing? Hahaha.. One thing I must comment on is their poor time management which result in a poor quality of teaching presentation. And also translate as "these you can read them yourself" for my lecturer to finish teaching. You see, they got to cover the whole thing that they suppose to teach that day as they only have that time. Ain't going to see him again for the next class! That is just great huh? What if I need more explanation? Well, there's Dr. Peter for assisting us... Hope he's super brilliant at this area. Besides, having the title "Dr." surely give me some peace of mind ay?

Lets hope tomorrow getting better. Gotta read my today lesson again and hope I can recalled them all on my finger tips... ce ya!

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TZ said...

hey bro... seems like you are enjoying your study... it's normal reaction on the first class after you have been out from the school for sometime. Now, i'm enjoying my CPIM certification course.

errr... law terms are definitely not a cup of tea for me. I usually try to avoid these courses... but sometime could not help it. :-p

Anyway, enjoy your study eh! i would need to start my study for the exam again next week... i will have to take an exam next month.


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