Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy boy

Work work work! there seem no end... if money comes like that kan bagus! Anyway, my reason for not having update lately was.. hehehe.. busy ler.. ;p And being busy makes me = lazy to do anything else... today pun, my bosses.. yes, I think I kinda have more than 1 boss now..
one keep asking me to start on A, another asked me to do B first... and they both were asked me this at the same time... can't they hear themselves? They're asking me to do 2 things at the same time!!! ...

My Brother called... and he asked me to resign!! hahaha... Yipee!!! I'm back to school!


TZ said...

One boss asked you to start A. The other ask you to start B... then you start C lar... :-p

C = resign :-p
So you are going back to school... good for you but no income wor :->

Musa said...

no income.. but I got you ma ;p


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