Tuesday, May 08, 2007

blogging down

I have this syndrome I call "blogging down" cost I don't feel very much like to write anything these days. Although I have soo much things to share of whats been happening in my life. Things that I did, things that really make my "reality" life more fun than my "virtual" world. Most bloggers would probably write about it, but I kinda lazy to write them down. Yeah... Lazy! my biggest "blogging down" contributing factor.

Other than that, I am too preoccupied with this thing blocking my nose. snort... snort...don't know how it get in my nose.. this thing just come in without being invited. This thing... we, human call it FLU... and believes it come from the pig. But, honestly, I didn't eat pig recently. How can I get inffected? Maybe I had kiss this frog that kiss pig? I have no idea... This thing also makes me write something without thinking... as if.. Its control my every finger tips movement to type. Oh yeah... Probably I got this thing from the Sucasa Pond when I swim and soak with these Iranian and Afghanistan frogs? hahaha... loves those frogs.

One good thing happens... my room is clean, my wardrobe is tidy! YAY! my loundry are done! Yeah!!... isn't that gives you a good feeling? Its sure do...

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