Thursday, April 05, 2007

Naughty Thursday Return!

As I was working on my report, I come across this guy picture that I took last month. I was doing my "structure" visit with a few other colleague and this kid was kind enough to show me around and model for me!!Yay!. To show my gratitude towards his kindness, I decided to post his picture *grin* man... I'm bad! hehehe.

If you noticed, the frame of the glasses that he wears is not like any ordinary glasses that we have.. It have two.. what do you call that? er.. leg? which normally hock to your ears. Cool huh?
Since, its an optical shop, he generously clean my glasses! how sweet! hehehe... *wink*

A reminder, of this coming Sunday... do come! and make some noise!


Silverfox said...

Glad to see you are well! I know my blog has been sporadic, but University is taking over my life. Your comments are always welcome - I appreciate them! Shame the others are so vulgar. Take care!

Musa said...

Yay! Good to see your comment here buddy!.. and thanks for making that clear. I appreciate that too.. All the best in your study, and don't push yourself too hard. *wink* remember to have a good time too.. Uni. time is the best time of your life!.. I mean my life.. hehehe.. *day dreaming again*

Jian said...

Hey this guy served me very well! The Curve's A-look ei?? Good compliments to him.. and tat spidy specs is cool..

Musa said...

wow.. what a small world! this kid must be famous! by the way.. do you remember his name? I kinda forget. hehehe


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