Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Earthquake in KL!

Sometime after 2pm, after I come back from lunch, I felt the building is moving! I thought it was my imagination... than I quickly ask my colleague whether they felt it too. No one did, but they says there's an earthquake happened in Indonesia today!

Although its not that big, but I felt it! I go to the internet, and search for anything about this earthquake. True enough, the FOXNews.com did reported that there's an earthquake in western Indonesia.. the news was just released an hour ago! But it only said that the earthquake felt as far as Singapore. And I think, Singapore is a bit far from Kuala Lumpur.. how on earth did I felt it?!!

To read the news yourself, here's the link

FOXNews.com: Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake in Indonesia Felt as Far Away as Singapore!

I was a bit excited and giddy when I felt the earthquake (Crazy huh?), but when I read the news, God.. how the earthquake has killed, and collapsed hundreds of building... I don't feel excited at all. For someone who felt a tinny shake would be stupid to get excited about. People get kill of it!!

God, be with these people.. they need you more. help them to get thru this terrible disaster.

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