Monday, March 19, 2007

Cousin update

Last Friday, when I visited my cousin-Jeniffer at the hospital, she looks a lot better than the day before. I am so glad to see her chatting and joking around like her usual-self. Her sister's Diana decided to come home with me as she need to get some rest...

Right after I come back from my Malacca trip, I went straight to see her as my house keys are with my cousin-Diana. Thanks to TZ for his kindness to drive me. To update you on her condition, she looks absolutly fine to me... She smiles a lot and talks alot too... I even took pictures with her! Hehehe.. I think its a sign of recovery even she haven't start the kimo yet.

My sister Eliz went to see her today, and she told me, the doctor is making another x-ray, and he's suspect that my cousin is only having tumor, not a cancer which he can cure. Even when my sister say all this, I am clueless of what it is.. isn't tumor is also cancer? well, I guess it will be a good news than, even I don't really understand them myself. sounds like a good news to me. And I know who I should thank to...

By the way, thank you soo much for your prayer support.


Joel said...

malignant tumor is consider as cancer. Non maligant tumor is not a cancer. Non malignant tumor doesn't grow agrresively and will not harm our body. Can be remove safely by surgery. But a non malignant tumor may turn malignant if not treated. Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and this post confers no rights. Please seek medical advice from doctor.

Musa said...

Hey Joel,

which Joel are you? my nephew Joel or my P&W Joel? neither? Thanks for the info. its help me to understand. Just hope its non malignant tumor... result in couple of days, maybe tomorrow.

saran said...

which maybank she work before? In Kuching? I think I know her. Is that Nelson's cousin


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