Thursday, March 08, 2007

Accessory-zing for men

I just created myself an avatar from the soo cool gadget of Yahoo! see? cool huh? its more like what I want to do right now. I rather be traveling somewhere (eg. Paris), than sitting on my arse in this cozy cubic working space.

If you're attentive enough, you'll notice a little something called "man accessory" which I am currently NOT wearing. You see, I think I look hideous with any sort of accessory. Even for a necklace. Being used not to wear anything, I get irritated of something dangling around my neck or on my wrist or something tight on my fingers. And I would never stop touching it until I take it off. But I have to admit, some guys does look good when they accessory-zing themselves with "bling-bling" and "kecing-kecing".

Like this earing for example. I saw couple of dudes having this "sparkling" diamond look a like as their earing, and I was thinking... they don't look bad at all, in fact... its makes them look hem... brave? sort know, wearing jeweleries in the public like a super celebrity star is brave right? hehehe... or craving for attention? hey, just kidding ok guys... theres nothing wrong getting "in touch" with our(?) femininities. For what is worth, I've dress up in a women clothes for a play ONCE! and I sort of dance like Shakira with pink table clothes wrap around my body for a group presentation!.. Maybe I did more than ONCE, which I refuse to remember and acknowledge any of it. But, as this sounds to you more of confession, it is not part of me crying out to be outed. I have no dream to dress up like a women. I am perfectly in harmonies relationship with my God gifted body. Got that?

As most bloggers not updating these days... I find its pretty boring and dull in this blog life. Well, exclude those famous hot-shot blogger thou. My fellow lun bawang and my fellow bridge bloggers are not keeping up their blog. This is sooo boring! what happened to you guys out there.. Can't be that busy to blog any minute of all day, everyday, all week! please feed my hunger! especially those have their last post was on February, even on January! Its killing me each time going there with no update...

By the way, for those who had, keep up the good work. I love reading it... its keep my "in between" working hours endures-able. Hem... my vocab is soo bad! I dont know how many self created words that I come up with in this post just because I cant remember the suitable words. I got to buy Lydia Teh's book (Honk!) to help me out here. By the way, CONGRATULATION Lydia Teh! for reprinting of your most sort after book and for making it on the top list of those hot-shot bookstores! Me happy for yea lady. Lets make it a bestselling book! Jia Yau!! Oh yeah, her column tomorrow will be out on that women and Foods! hehehe... as for me... foods sounds promising!.. Do grab your copy 2morow

Meant to add this picture. this is my "man accessory", a gift from my mom. Only wear it once...


Lydia Teh said...

Thank you, Musa! Some men look kinda cute with accessories. As long as you're not Cina Ah Pek type, accessorising in teeny doses masih boleh tahanlah.

MLEE said...

heh heh heh.
i think you look okay in wood-ish necklaces or those long silver ones like the ones with tags.. no meh?


Musa said...

thanks for the tips Lydia! I will reconsider that... probably do ear piercing for a start?

Hey MayLee,
Cool idea for necklace. would you buy me one? ;p

TZ said...

Hey buddy, i like the accessory that you have from your mom ... it is cool man!!! :-)

Musa said...

thanks man.


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