Friday, December 08, 2006

Moving House 4 (Final)

This is my final installment of Moving house as part of my family project (I know you getting tired of looking at the house picture) . Its seem really nice now as the Christmas decorations is up, with socks hanging next to the windows' (instead of fire place).

Here are my sisters; Eliz, Mag, Su (a friend) and Ta looking over at the gardener. More like supervisor ordering the gardener to do this, and that I must say.
This how the front view look after all the gardener planted the big leaves. Back home, that big leaves is used to wrap the rice while its still hot. Its one of the traditional thing in Lun Bawang.
Now, here's what facing the house... a hill and jungle. Isn't that nice? more privacy and more greenary. The yard is pretty big too. We loves it!
Here's the neighbour. Its amazed me how my little niece get to be easily sociallize with people that she just meet. I got to learn from her.
Yeah, the little friendly neighbour making face and possing for me. How nice...
I'm currently trying to have the Christmas spirit as part of the theme on my blog.. Like having more Red colour and white... but I end up like this. Wish I know about this computer stuff and create something out of it.


Ryan said...

i think the pics are cool!

Musa said...

thanks Ryan... Cheer up buddy... Xmas is around the coner!


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