Tuesday, October 17, 2006

soo little yet soo big

I slip again...
This time.. its the freaking computer foult!
I'm telling you... this computer, sometimes, they play trick on you...
I has this thing... that you need to change their wording and names.. When I use the tool "find" to find some words.. its completed the search finding nothing on the pages. So, I printed it out. And suprise suprise! it was there. One freaking word cost the whole team to be inside the board.. to be lectured...to be scolded at...All eyes on me.. I play cool.. straight face as if.. I don't care. I tried to explain.. but was cut off right away. Better shut my mouth. I think, its over-reacting, and its pretty obvious where I'm standing. The black sheep of them all. My days are numbered.

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