Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Black out

Around 7pm yesterday, we experiencing a black out for the first time (since we move here). And I was in the middle of reading..and was about the part where the two brother being chased by the secret service who just killed one of their friend... Ah.. you know what I mean... and suddenly, Black Out! how frustrating is that? I frantically* (as in the story) search for my keys as I have a little torch-light as a key chain. I light up the candle in the living room and continue on readings. Before I dive back in the chasing action story, I called my sister Elizabeth, for no reason. William answer her phone, and didnt recognize my 'flu' effect sound. He sounds axcited once I reveals myself....

Er.. why do I sounds like writing a story? Hehehehe.. the effects of recently read books. I grab every chances I got to read more on this freaking story, even a 10 minutes bus ride! Man..people sees me such a nerd.. I don't care.. I'm loss in my own reality.

I think the black-out lasted like an hour or so. I heard its covered quite huge area... including the Ampang Point shopping mall. My sister's friend -Susan called, she lives around Ampang Utama..to check whether I have electrict. They don't want to miss their tv drama. Hehehe.. addicted! thats just like me... once you start reading/watching a story.. you get addicted! for me.. I still can read under the candle light.. just like back in my school days! for them... no electrick.. no TV la..

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