Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bangkok part 1

Nat, the pretty Thai women

Thai Massage Parlour; Common sight in Bangkok

The first day of arival, we were greeted by our counterparty in Bangkok. He was about to have televisyen interview located at the owner/founder of the Glove brand. So, he invited us to tag along with him. The House... I say the Mansion was really Grand!.. 4 floor building complete with elivator.. This Glove founder are freaking rich!

Right after the interview, it was already 5pm, and its the traffic start to get worst. Futhermore, the Hotel that we're staying is outside the town centre. By the time we reach the Hotel, its already close to 8pm, and we were starving. decide to take diner first before we check-in to the Hotel. there was one problem... Its freaking hard to find a Halal restaurant in that Bangna area. Because its not a tourist area and Muslim area... I had no problem eating tasty pork.. Just that my mate are.. So, we search for the restaurant for more than 1 hour. I just wish that they could leave me somewhere I can eat, but that wont be polite isnt it?

Well, anyway, by the time we reach the hotel, and rush back to the exhibition centre it was close to 10pm. and than, went back to hotel after setting up everything , around 11pm. We were informed by the bail boy, that there were Thai Massage service, so, we decided to take the offer... My personal thai massage messuer is a pretty young women called Nok. She is 21 years old and have been doing the massage for 2 years.. She was very pretty and all but her massage wasnt that strong.. she used her whole body weight to massage, but it just not strong enough.. well anway, it was only 200 bath an hour, what do you espect right?

After she done with me, she did my mate as well, I fall asleep before she leaves our room. So, I have no idea what she and my mate did while I was asleep..;p

to be continue...


dalantau said...

yeah, same with me when i have to go outstation in my early days when i started joining the dept i work with. but i don't have that problem anymore because i choose to go alone always especially for meal. i can go anywhere i want, whether far or near, pork or no pork, all about urself. the problem with us asian, we take care too much of the others which is good but within, we suffer. think about it next time. balance off mate!

Musa said...

that soo true mate


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