Tuesday, July 18, 2006

INXS to Rock in KL?

August 18! thats the date for the INXS 2 hour concert in Kuala Lumpur. Following their reality TV shows, I hate to miss this Concert. Yep I'm going to miss it since I already have plan on August 18! Damn.. I love the sweet voice of JD Fortune, especially their 1st song... Vegas something.. hehehe how can I say I'm a fan when I don't really know their songs and album ay? never mind that, I just love the song. If anyone got any free ticket, er.. here I am... Genting can wait.. lol

hem.. let me talk about last weekend.. er.. about the red mark which my sister claim to be "love bite" on my neck? no comment... Even when my sister keep insisting me telling her.. I just said "its nothing".. She looks at me with her powerful ster eyes (she does that to her kids), I keep saying.. its nothing.. well.. the mark is gone, hope the probbing question from her is gone too.. lol (if you ask me... you know my answer.. "its nothing" hehehe). We had family diner on saturday and sunday, dim sum for breaklunch on sunday.. didnt went to church.

Just got called from Orie this morning.. Its good to hear her voice.. She told me she been missing me. How sweet, hem.. strange that I get sms lately saying that they're missing me (including the responsible person for the red mark)... I miss my hometown... I miss my dad, my mom... my sisters.. my relatives... I miss the kolo mee... I miss the narar (dried roasted wild bull)... I miss my lovers (I wish).. Ok ok.. getting too creapy now... yeah, I admit.. I'm pretty busy these days.. that I just dont have the time to go out... I spend all my free time other than working and church thing is at the gym. I feels that I must go as often as possible to make my monthly fees worth every penny. dont you think so? but I cant go today. I'm having a mild soar troat, and I nearly catch a fever when I was at the gym.

My sister called awhile ago, she needs me to babysit.. damn! there goes my resting time... I know someone will miss me at the gym ;p (or the other way around?) hehehe.. Anyway.. I'm sure going to love listening to William and Natasha eargerness to tell me what they know... their sentences always start with "You know Uncle boy, bla bla bla.. You know uncle boy.. bla bla bla.." one time I said to William.."William.. stop! I dont care about batman..I dont want to know about Spongebob" after blurted that and looking at his reaction, thats when I regreted saying it.. letter, he will tell his daddy.. "daddy, uncle boy is no fun anymore".. Yeah.. there you goes from favourate uncle to no fun uncle. ;p yeah.. I should have just listen.. I try... God give me the patient..


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