Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am cute?

I have to get this out of my system. Someone who I just meet last night sms-ed this morning and told me that I'm cute. Whats that all about? well, its not like he (yeah a guy!) blurted that I'm cute right away.. the sms goes like this;
Jackson: good morning, busy?
me: yeah.. just like normal. You not busy?
J: same, just taking a break, and though about kacau (disturb) you. So, do you have gf or bf yet?
Me: yeah, I have a few girls- and boys- friend.
J: No, you know what I mean, so you still single lah.. so cute!
me: Are you flirting with me? There's nothing cute about me... I'm out of shape. I'm flattered if you think otherwise. ;p
J: No, I'm serious.. you are cute, nice, friendly...yeah.. be confident yrslf okay?
(couple of hours later) me: ok, thanks.. enjoy your lunch.

Ok, think positive. He just being nice to me.. and thats it. Is there?

Right after the Bodycombat class yesterday, I bump into Jackson in the locker room who happens to be in the same class. I really had fun boxing and kicking air ... so, being cheerful, and bump into another person who took the same class makes me start a conversation with him. After I had my shower, I bump into him again. He asked my phone number, and asked me to come with him at the coffee launge for a little chat and drinks before going home. So, we had like 15 minutes chat about he beiong a chinese mix Kadazan, me being a christian with muslim name, me having different accents, and his excercise routine like.. He's totally a gym or I rather says a bodycombat freak!. Every saturday, he goes to 6 classes!! Damn.. 2 class are the max class I ever attend in a day. And he said I'm cute! hehehe.. so perasan ah me... 27 years old and still cute?.. come on.. who's buying that? Maybe cute means Fat! shit! thats probably what its means. You know.. the words they use, which wasnt exactly what it means.. Aargh... I dont know what I'm talking about myself.

Tomorow, I have to got to Putrajaya to do my passport for the Thailand's business trip. Yes, I never had a passport before, so.. any advise? what I should bring? Tried to call Manuel for advise, but he cannot be reach... hem... anyone?


Ryan said...

i think your cute!

Musa said...

thanks ryan... you're cute too ; )

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