Friday, July 07, 2006

"customer friendly" my arse!

I went to Shah Alam yesterday morning to do my passport. According to Manuel, PutraJaya Immigration office dont issue passport, and Damansara's office is always pack, and might end up without number- he advise me to go to Shah Alam. So, I drove my sister's GTI car and went there with her. She wants to renew her son's passport. On the way, my other sister called the immegrassion office and been told that, for first timer and a sarawakian, it takes more than 30 days. freaking shit! and all this while, friends and colleagues told me it only takes about 2-3 days. And I've been trying to call the immigration office to enquiry about this without success. My sister added that I need a supporting letter from my office to rush my application process.

When I was at the Shah Alam immigration office, Thats when they told me what I need to have with me for the application process; (why in the world didn't they put it on their stupid website?!)

1. 2 passport size picture (I've been told they provide it there, didnt bring any.. why am I so freaking stupid!?)
2. 2 copies of Identification Card (I only make 1 copy!).
3. 2 copies of birth certificate (didnt make any copies)
4. a complete M42 form (I fill up 2 set of the form, can be download from the internet)
5. Other supporting documents ( supporting letter from the company, my airflight ticket, and the event I'm involves in to speed up your application process)
6. Ready with RM300-32 pages or RM600-64 pages to be pay on collection of the passport.

Right.. these are all the necessary item you need to be prepared for. The officers are not that friendly there, despite the tag they're wearing saying "berkhidmat dengan senyuman" (serve with smile)-yeah smile my arse!. They keep saying, it takes 1 month, and no other way to speed it up. I asked them the Immigration office number in Sarawak to call to, and my application reference number. They keep transfering me to see this officer, that officer.. In general, they're very much arogant and stuck up people. It took us a total of 4 hours just to submit my application. and my sister drive us back to KL.

This morning, I called the sarawak office, guess what...they are very helpfull and very friendly- totally opposite the Shah Alam officers. When I share this with my colleague, she recalled the recent survey made shows that, in general, Malaysian are rude. And we totally agree with this, not just drivers..this include all Malaysian people, especially here the Peninsular (geez.. I'll be ship back to sarawak if I dont keep my mouth shut)

You know, it wouldnt hurt if you say THANK YOU for any act of kindness, SMILE when you talk with someone.. these two things are easy to do.. you dont know how much this makes somebody's day.. you CAN make a different. WAVE at drivers who gave ways to you as a gesture of gratitude. Show some LOVE people... It aint cost you a thing..


Rachel said...

hi musa!!! hahaha... people here are rather very unfriendly at times!! but the monkeys around here are too friendly lah!!!

Anonymous said...

Musa, I think thats the procedure. If you've never had passport before and have Sarawak birth certs, you've got to wait for 30 days here. But if you want it faster, fly to Kuching and do it there. Will be completed in 2-3 days. Thats what I did.

Anyway, good luck!

Musa said...

Hi Rachel,
you know, if you want to have a BBQ, you know where to get the meat from.. just catch the friendliest. ;p

Er Hi Anonymous,
I was told to do that, but flying to Kch and staying there for 3 days means I have to shorten my christmas holiday. And I dont want that. thanks for the advice.

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.


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