Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Er.. hello?

Here is a picture I received today from Amy. According to her, that is her Cousin with his son in the tent.. Why aren'tt they look scared at all? I think Thats a smile on Amy's cousin face!! Man.. I'm sure going to pass out if I'm at his place.

Something Happens back my hometown tomorow.. A big 1 week Karnival! We call it;

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dalantau said...

Pesta Lawas? Nolah ...we call it Pesta Lun Bawang....Best known to be and is..

Musa said...

ya kah?.. ok lah.. Besides its our Karnival... I dont remember when the last time I went back home to celebrate it. Gosh.. I'm sooo miss it.

kailiang said...

Hi musa,
Nice blog you ahve here. Glad to see someone from the same race within the blog community. I'm a Lunbawang as well.
I wish I can go for Pesta Lunbawang. It would be real fun.
Do visit my site.
C ya around

Musa said...

Hai Kailiang,
are you really a LunBawang? your name doesn't sounds like one.. oh.. speak for myself.. hehehe

Thanks for leaving a message here.. hope we could get in-touch more. By the way, where are you now? I heard that the briged at Bangawan in sabah collapsed. must be hard for those who went home to celebrate the Pesta LunBawang to return to KK or KL..

Maybe we should do our own pesta lun bawang bloggers.. hehehe

kailiang said...

Hai Musa,
Thanks for leaving a comment in my newly open blog.

Na ko menu?? Lunbawang wih ni lem.

Well so as my dad says it. I'm from Sipitang, and although there are more Lundayeh in Sabah but there are also Lunbawang around. And my dad always insist that we called ourself Lunbawang. Haha no idea why?
I wish I can go ..sob sob.. but currently I'm not in Malaysia until the end of the month and by then it's already over. Damn.
Oh, I haven't heard about the collapse bridge. Gosh, fortunately I stay a little bit to the south so I'm not affected I suppose.
Hey that's cool an Irau Aco Lunbawang of we bloggers ke.. (how do u type that distinctly continuous Lunbawang word "ke..." lolz). Call me in if ur having one..C ya.

p/s: yeap not my real name there, just some nick. Ngadan wih Sayong... hehe haven't been using that for so long


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