Thursday, May 25, 2006

And the winner is...

Not many turn up last night, nonetheless, its fun gathering. One of the factor that not many turn up is because of the American Idol Final show. I don't blame them, when you followed the program from day 1, you dont want to miss the final performance. So, guess who win? yeah not my favourate Catherine McPhee.. Its Taylor. Maybe because of his amazing performance last night.. Guess American vote for talent, not just from their apperance. You know what? I think, Catherine will sell more CDs than Taylor.. just like Clay Aiken.. Dont you think? I know Ryan get sick of Catherine.. but its a fact she's pretty.

My cousins planning to watch the X-Men 3 tonight, but I decide not to go, even I'm a die hard fan of X-Men, coz I need to got to the gym. This week, I only have today to go to gym. On monday, really tired after the previous BBQ, tuesday, Alpha meeting, Wednesday, Alpha Initial welcoming diner, Friday, CSI. Can you see how desperate I am to go to Gym now? man.. I'm getting flabby.. Oh.. Ryan.. I'm not a "hot" guy.. you wouldnt want to see me naked. But, thanks for being such a sweet friend.

Just received a letter asking me to attend another exam. I hope I can do well this time around.. I'm getting frustrated for taking a 2 days leave to attend the exam and get nothing out of it.. man.. I got to remember the technique of answering this bloody stupid exam. Hemm.. and with prayer.. I can do this.. yes.. I can do this.. June 6, and 7, 2006.. thats the date. When I applied my leave for the exam yesterday, I told my boss that its something to do with the church.. hahahaha.. I am such a liar!.. God forgive me.. this is just a white lie (is there such thngs).. and make me pass the exam.. please..

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Mike said...

I wanted the bald guy Chris to win so it didn't matter to me who won Idol. And I agree with Ryan you are hot!!


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