Monday, April 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

1st April 2006, Thats the officially date I move to my new home. I feel soo much like back in Kampung (Village/small kampung).. Its on the 5th Floor, and its facing the jungle. In the afternoon, its really windy that you don't need to turn on the syling fan. The place is very quiet and peacefull.. soo.. kampung... Here's are few pictures I took yesterday.
Monkeys on guard... lol

Parking lot

My own private view

Monkeys home

My roomey suit n the gents

My Kitchen

To my private veranda

My "make up" table n To my Private suit

My living room
Yep.. thats it.. no furniture and tv yet. I'm buying a fridge, so, TV have to wait its turn.. kewl.. am not rich, and my work dont pay me much.. but its ok .. I survive
Oh I forget about being in Kampung thingy.. its kinda boring sometimes.. hehehe. needs some action sometimes... lol.

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Brad said...

It is very beautiful where you live and your place looks REALLY nice. Much better than this little tiny thing I live in.


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