Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Being a CCSI

Yesterday, I went out doing a CSI job... I call myself.. CCSI-Corparate Criminal Scene Investigator.. hahaha.. cool huh?

Well, what happens was, the company that I'm working for has decided to take legal action against one of its competitor for using my company's copyrighted materials. This Company was formed by my company's former partners (sort of). Somehow, these partners decided to open different company and compete against us. What makes my boss decide to take action was, they have formed an alliance, like a gangster kinda thing with the Association and gives my company bad names.. everytime we try to bid for job, we always know we will never get it. and guess who get the job? yeah.. thats really make my boss mad.

So, yesterday, we get the court order to search for these materials in the business premisses. there were 7 of us, my boss, one of my senior, 2 lawyers and 2 guys from the court.. they were plentif.. or something like that.. We went to the business premise and I was soo suprise to see the condition of the business. Here's what suprise me:

1. The company signboard/directory is made out of a printed papar and stick with a double tape.
2. The office was closed when we went there.
3. No telephone connection.
4. No Internet connection.
5. No Photocopy machine.
6. There's only 2 old computers.
7. 1 small printer.
8. only few documents lying around.

Looking at the condition of the company... I am clueless. How did we lose a job bid from a crappy business like this? not to mention their work produce! I just disepointed with the association granting this company a job that they can't do, give this company a full membership, wherealse they only gave us partial membership, which already expire.. The local association take their sweet own time to renew it. Sooo un-professional! We already received our membership renewal with the world association and its a full membership!... take that jackass!

Talking about this association.. its endless! they are not doing any good for the industry. Not even promoting it.. I don't see any articles that they come up with... It is no suprise that Personal Money magazine gives our company contact for any information regarding the business that we involves in. I think I should stop talking* about this bloody association. It never ends. Now that the 9th Malaysia Plan will be announce this coming friday.. I heard from the radio this morning, its mention about more efforts put in the industry that my company involves in.. we'll see about that.


Ryan said...

well check u out just doing the csi thing. companys r fun watching i am starting 2 learn a lot from working with my mom.

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