Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

I'm back in KL yesterday morning. Our flight was at 6.10am from Kota Kinabalu To KL. woke up around 4.30am at my brother's house in Petagas.

Its good to be back in KL.

After like one whole week since before christmas without internet, I'm checking all my e-mail, and there were about 79 new e-mails! still reading them.

Last night, my nieces-Stacey and Jennifer celebrate our new year count down with eight bottles of bear and barbeque (cooked in the oven) chicken's wings. But I was already doze off at the 3rd bottles... hehehe..I know..I know... I'm soo lame.. hehehe.

I got a few photos taken back hometown.. will post it slowwwly... coz too many.. I had really good fun on christmas... you'll see it yourself..

till than... thanks for visiting ( I can see numbers of people visiting...) thanks again ;)

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