Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Foods that we like

Pucuk ubi! (Tapioka's Shoots) my Favourate..
Roasted wild pork Meat .. hem.. I can still remember the smells
Roasted wild pork meat.. can be keep for months!
Yummy!.. The Famous Kolo Mee in Lawas..
Ayam Kampung! can you see the chicken head? my dad eat those.. yeah I know...
You see the fats?.. its a very fat ayam kampung.. hehehe.. fried the fats.. and use the fat's oil to fry your food... smells like chicken!
My mom's home made chili padi... Its boos your apetite

Deep fried Oink oink skin.. use the Oil to fry your food.. smells good..taste even better!

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