Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pig in the office

Yesterday, hanny invited me for the Premier of Narnia, a free ticket...
I wasnt at my table when she invited me, so.. by the time I get her YM message, its already too late.. she offered to somebody else... damn! I blame this pig in our office. Well, maybe its not my day.. but still I blame the pig..

this pig...
remember I rambling about this guy with a terible BO?... well, maybe I exagerated a bit.. ;p well. anyway, its the same pig.. hehehehe..
So, why I blame the pig for my misfortune? yesterday, we found out about what this pig doing when he suppose to finish up a report. FYI, this pig is new in the office and not yet one month. Today, he suppose to be ready with the report. And, when our client come to the office, he gave them a crappy report. back to the reason, why I blame the pig... we found out he was chating using MIRC when he suppose to finish up the report for proff reading. Suprise, Susprise... I think, this pig has the worse working athic I ever seen. So, when he when back home, My senior ask me to see whether it is what we thought it was.. and I spend quite sometime to view the computer...while I was there... the offer for free ticket was expire.. kewl..

Anyway, I think I'm pig myself writing this now.. well, I finish my work.. so am just a little piglet.;p.. not like the big pig in the office.. oink oink oink!


hani said...

aww Daren.. it was not your rezeki la.. next time ok..

btw, the movie was magical!! it was like u were transformed into another place and world.. I wanna watch it again...

Musa said...

I know.. *sight*

I'll watch it soon! It a must see movie in my must do list.. (like I have one)..hehehehe Glad you had "magical" time..


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