Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday is here!

I always looking forward for friday. You know why? you know... the day after friday is.... SATURDAY!!... weeeeeeee... yaaaaa yipe ya!!!...lets party!!! hahahaha.. or just sleep all day... hehehehehe...

Anyway, been busy lately... so, here's a couple of cool blog I browse thru this week..
1. Jeff Ooi's Blog, which is called, "Screenshot" his blog is about governance issues in domestic and global arenas. (from my point of view, he provide me lots of information which is not published in the paper.)

2. Scott-O-Rama the Virtual world of Tomorow today, (I think, its about being gay, that they can create something really nice to look at. Very sophisticated, really beautiful..) Viewer discreation is advise, because there's half naked man pictures in it... I ain't saying there's something wrong with it.. just be open

3. "He Says, She Says": The Steve and Ari Project! Dating and sex advice! (check this one out too...)

Oh, I found a cool friend this week. His name is Cole, from a city called Craig (name after the 1st Mayor according to Cole) the state of Alaska, America. He's 17 years old high school jock with the brain.. hehehe-thats what he told me. And we're the same height, 5'10". And he played basketball, baseball, and wrestling.. which is justify that he's a jock!...

You must be wondering how I found him. Right? well, I have this account with Ringo, and I received a request to be on my friend list. I have no idea where they found me.. but I have this request practically everyday... that, where I found him. Anyway.. we have pretty good chat.. Oh.. If any girls interested in him, ask his e-mail/msn messenger from me. He's still single because, in his small town High school.. there's not many girls. and Most of them are bigger/older than him..

Have a good Weekend... and... Selamat berpuasa...

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Anonymous said...

So, Anyway...
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