Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My nephew...

I don't know why we aren't talking anymore?
We used to be sooo close...
share the same jokes,
share the same shirt,
share the same crappy food,
even share the bed for many years.
Not that I miss taking turn spooning each other...
Just, the talking... don't you?

How about those crappy things we thought of others
aren't you miss that?
How about the late nights we spend at the mamak stall?
ain't you miss that?
How about the talk we have about our stupid family?
ain't you miss that?
How about going places together?
ain't you miss that?
How about all the stuff we plan to do?
will we do it?

Jesus Christ! man...
aren't you being childish acting this way?
why does it have to take months?
why does it have to take away all this?
why man? why?

Heard that you getting acquainted with the booz...
Is that how you handle things?
Is that how we plan?
Is that what you want?
Is that it?

Too many questions!
Talk to me man!!

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