Monday, September 05, 2005

My Birthday Cake

Guess what. That's my birthday picture! hehehehe... for 26 years, this is my 2nd birthday cake. Not that I'm complaining. Just being greatfull for what I had. It's not in my family tradition to celebrate ones birthday. I don't even know when is my parent birthday. My 1st brithday cake was bought by my housemate Sandy, during my Uni time. I was really touched that someone bought me a cake. My sisters normally buy a gift... never a cake. My friend scott, even called us a family rather than a housemate that time. And sometimes, he'll teased me... where's your mom (sandy) or.. where's ur Dad (Sandy's boyfriend). Hehehehe... I do feel like they're my family.. you know...being with them for 2 years.

Oh, I got a red neck tie from the Company.. oh the cake is from the Company am working for too. And a kit-kat chocalate from one of our client who just know about my birthday that friday.. isnt that sweet?.. hehehe.. My sister bought me a colourful swimming pant. Thanks sis.

And on weekend, I treat myself a bunch of latest movie they sells on the "black market"... watched too many movies... can't even remember any of the titles.. hehehehe. hemm... I think I need booz.. anyone?


Manuel said...


Happy Belated Birthday. May your 26 years of age has been very prosperous and overwhelming. May God Bless You. Strive for the best. Good luck. Sorry for late wishing.

Musa said...

thanks scott.. no need to be sorry... we dont give a damn about hwo's birthday it was ay? y start now... cheers lad


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